Learn To Ride

Learn To Ride

For those who have always dreamt of getting behind a pair of handlebars
and breaking out of your cage, keep reading!

Midlands Technical College offers rider training classes at their Beltline Campus here in Columbia.
They offer Beginner & Advanced courses.



The Basic Motorcycle Course  (BC) is a course for individuals who have never ridden a motorcycle, who are  interested in learning basic skills or who want to see if motorcycle riding is  for them. This course is based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s  (MSF) Basic Rider Course and teaches the basic techniques of riding a  motorcycle. The course consists of 10 hours of classroom theory and 10  hours of practical application (i.e. riding). Students will ride training  motorcycles provided by SC Rider Education. Helmets are also  provided. Students must pass both a written and riding assessment and  attend all sessions to receive a completion card.  

This course qualifies for  the SCDMV waiver process.


Advanced Rider Course

The ARC may be taken by riders using any type of motorcycle.  It is a one day course.  There are ten riding excercises with time for discussion, breaks, and lunch.  There is no formal skill test, but there is a knowledge test that may be self-scored (or may be givien as a formal, end-of-course assessment.)  The overall aim is to provide rider development in the areas of risk management, decision making, riding strategies, and rider behavior and choices.  This includes learner activities to foster gains in knowledge, skill, attitude, values, and habits.  (Speeds are higher and maneuvers more challenging than the Basic Rider Course.)  BRING YOUR OWN STREET-LEGAL MOTORCYCLE to ride in class.


Please acquire the required protective equipment prior to the first class.
Students are required to wear the following protective clothing during EVERY riding session:  

  • A (DOT)  approved helmet. Helmets are available for use during riding sessions. 
  • Eye protection, i.e., face-shield, sunglasses,  goggles, glasses 
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket with coverage to the  wrist
  • Long pants, preferably jeans or leather, or  other sturdy material
  • Over-the-ankle footwear of sturdy material, not  cloth or canvas. Basketball leather “high tops” or hiking boots are  satisfactory. Boots with low or no heel are preferred.
  • Full finger gloves

You will not be permitted to participate in any range  session without the proper protective gear. All skin must be covered when  seated on the motorcycle. 

There are other optional safety and convenience items you  should bring to the range: water or other non-alcoholic drinks, sunscreen, bug  spray, a change of clothes, and/or a rain suit. Please note, motorcycle classes  take place regardless of the weather (i.e. heat or cold), unless the weather is  deemed severe or unsafe.

Swing by the Harley® Haven MotorClothes® Department and let them know you will be taking a class and they will help get you geared up properly!
*available for purchase